Simulation | 2010

Marketing Simulation: Managing Segments and Customers

by Das Narayandas


In this single-player simulation, students assume the position of CEO of a medical motor manufacturer and are tasked with executing a successful business-to-business marketing strategy over a period of twelve fiscal quarters. Students determine all aspects of the company's go-to-market approach (including sales-force deployment and distribution channel strategy) and associated elements of product policy, including pricing and market positioning of the company's product line to both small and large volume customers. Students also prioritize the manufacturer's efforts in acquiring and retaining customers in order to achieve a combination of sustainable revenues and profits and maximize cumulative profits at the end of the simulation. The simulation also illustrates the benefits of investment in market research. Ideal for core marketing 101 courses (as a Capstone session) or in the introductory module of an advanced marketing strategy course. This simulation can be used in advanced undergraduate, MBA, and executive education programs.

Keywords: Marketing Strategy; Salesforce Management; Distribution Channels; Price; Product Positioning; Customer Relationship Management; Profit; Revenue; Cost vs Benefits; Policy; Manufacturing Industry;


Narayandas, Das. "Marketing Simulation: Managing Segments and Customers." Simulation and Teaching Note. Harvard Business Publishing, 2010. Electronic.