Case | HBS Case Collection | January 2011 (Revised February 2011)


by Mukti Khaire, Akiko Kanno and Nobuo Sato


Yoshito Hori, dean of the Graduate School of Management, GLOBIS University, was planning to launch a full-time English MBA program in September 2012. GLOBIS University was already offering successful part-time MBA programs in English and Japanese. The full-time English program was a necessary step to fulfill Hori's ambition to make GLOBIS the No. 1 business school in Asia, however it remained to be seen whether the school could attract international students who needed to relocate to Japan and compete with other world-class international business schools.

Keywords: Business Model; Business Education; Entrepreneurship; Leadership; Adaptation; Expansion; Education Industry; Japan;


Khaire, Mukti, Akiko Kanno, and Nobuo Sato. "GLOBIS." Harvard Business School Case 811-061, January 2011. (Revised February 2011.)