Course Overview Note | January 2011 (Revised May 2017)

The Coming of Managerial Capitalism: Overview

by Tom Nicholas


This is a course overview note for The Coming of Managerial Capitalism. CMC is chronologically organized. It starts in the late eighteenth century when America gained independence, spans the remarkable rise to industrial maturity during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and ends at the crossroads at which the United States currently stands. There are four modules: 1) THE HISTORICAL FOUNDATIONS OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP 2) THE EMERGENCE OF ORGANIZATION 3) PROSPERITY, DEPRESSION AND WAR 4) TECHNOLOGICAL AND FINANCIAL REVOLUTIONS. Each covers a distinct period in business history but the themes overlap and these themes are collectively analyzed in a concluding session LESSONS FROM THE PAST. CMC is motivated by the idea that effective decision making in the current business environment crucially relies on a comprehensive appreciation of how things worked—or didn't work—in the past.

Keywords: Business History; Business or Company Management; Entrepreneurship; Business Startups; Welfare or Wellbeing; War; Transformation; Technology; Finance; Situation or Environment; Decision Making; Management Analysis, Tools, and Techniques; United States;


Nicholas, Tom. "The Coming of Managerial Capitalism: Overview." Harvard Business School Course Overview Note 811-033, January 2011. (Revised May 2017.)