Compilation | December 2010

VCPE Strategy Vignettes II

by Josh Lerner, G. Felda Hardymon, Matthew Rhodes-Kropf, Ann Leamon and Lisa Strope


These three vignettes present various issues around the strategy and management of venture capital and private equity firms. In one, a senior partner must decide how to manage an over-extended colleague and how to reduce the risk of the firm's portfolio; the second examines the problem of dividing stock among founders and the last summarizes the experience of Simmons Bedding, a US company that declared bankruptcy after 25 years of rotating private equity ownership.

Keywords: Venture Capital; Private Equity; Cost vs Benefits; Insolvency and Bankruptcy; Investment Portfolio; Ownership; Partners and Partnerships; Risk Management; Stocks; Problems and Challenges; United States;


Lerner, Josh, G. Felda Hardymon, Matthew Rhodes-Kropf, Ann Leamon, and Lisa Strope. "VCPE Strategy Vignettes II." Harvard Business School Compilation 811-054, December 2010.