Compilation | December 2010

VCPE Strategy Vignettes I

by Josh Lerner, G. Felda Hardymon, Matthew Rhodes-Kropf, Ann Leamon and Lisa Strope


These three vignettes present various issues around the strategy and management of venture capital and private equity firms. In one, the general partners must decide whether to invest in an intriguing opportunity that lies outside the firm's carefully developed investment strategy; in the second, a new associate must decide whether or not to keep a promising but under-performing investment in the portfolio and in the third, a minority investor in a Chinese company considers removing a politically connected but ineffective controller.

Keywords: Venture Capital; Private Equity; Financial Strategy; Projects; Decision Choices and Conditions; Partners and Partnerships; Opportunities; Investment Portfolio; Business or Company Management; China;


Lerner, Josh, G. Felda Hardymon, Matthew Rhodes-Kropf, Ann Leamon, and Lisa Strope. "VCPE Strategy Vignettes I." Harvard Business School Compilation 811-043, December 2010.