Supplement | HBS Case Collection | December 2010 (Revised January 2012)

Vodafone in Japan (B)

by Juan Alcacer, Mary Furey and Mayuka Yamazaki


By 2005, Vodafone Group was losing its footing in the sophisticated Japanese telecom market. What were they doing wrong? Should they cut their losses and leave Japan, or could they learn from mistakes and turn things around?

Keywords: Business Subsidiaries; Profit; Cross-Cultural and Cross-Border Issues; Knowledge Acquisition; Market Entry and Exit; Operations; Adaptation; Diversification; Expansion; Telecommunications Industry; Japan;


Alcacer, Juan, Mary Furey, and Mayuka Yamazaki. "Vodafone in Japan (B)." Harvard Business School Supplement 711-469, December 2010. (Revised January 2012.)