Supplement | HBS Case Collection | December 2010 (Revised January 2011)

Qualcomm Incorporated 2011 Update

by David B. Yoffie


Qualcomm in 2009 and 2010 experienced both the worst of times and the best of times. During the "great recession" of 2009, smartphones growth stalled, stalling Qualcomm's revenue, but in 2010 growth surged again, and was predicted to continue its upward trajectory in 2011. This brief case updates Qualcomm's struggles with FLO TV and BREW, while outlining the new opportunities for Qualcomm in emerging categories such as tablet computers, displays, and new operating systems for smartphones.

Keywords: Television Entertainment; Growth and Development Strategy; Opportunities; Mobile Technology; Wireless Technology; Telecommunications Industry;


Yoffie, David B. "Qualcomm Incorporated 2011 Update." Harvard Business School Supplement 711-463, December 2010. (Revised January 2011.)