Case | HBS Case Collection | November 2010 (Revised July 2011)

FreshTec: Revolutionizing Fresh Produce

by Jose B. Alvarez and Ryan Johnson


Entrepreneurial produce packaging firm, which has developed a disruptive technology that keeps fresh produce and flowers fresh for significantly longer, faces strategic growth decisions. CEO Bob Wright must decide how best to bring his company's unique packaging product to market. The technology holds promise after a long development phase but the packaging is more expensive and Wright and his team must convince the industry stakeholders of the packaging's value.

Keywords: Decision Making; Disruptive Innovation; Leadership; Growth and Development Strategy; Product Launch; Supply Chain; Value Creation; Service Industry;


Alvarez, Jose B., and Ryan Johnson. "FreshTec: Revolutionizing Fresh Produce." Harvard Business School Case 511-059, November 2010. (Revised July 2011.)