Supplement | HBS Case Collection | October 2010 (Revised August 2012)

Harvest: Organic Waste Recycling with Energy Recovery (B)

by Deishin Lee, Baris Ata and Mustafa H. Tongarlak


This case describes the waste management industry and a clean technology solution for landfill diversion and renewable energy production. The (A) case focuses on the operational characteristics of waste management and waste to energy, and the characteristics of the waste management industry. The intent of the (A) case is to have students perform operational analysis on the organic waste to energy process to evaluate whether a potential new plant is economically feasible and attractive. The (B) case focuses on the sourcing dilemma: pre-processing vs. source separation. To ensure that its waste input fuel is of sufficiently high quality (i.e., low level of inorganic contaminants), the company can either build a pre-processing facility to sort incoming waste to filter out contaminants, or work with suppliers to source separate their waste stream.

Keywords: Framework; Wastes and Waste Processing; Management; Operations; Social Issues; Problems and Challenges; Energy Generation; Renewable Energy; Quality; Industry Structures; Energy Industry;


Lee, Deishin, Baris Ata, and Mustafa H. Tongarlak. "Harvest: Organic Waste Recycling with Energy Recovery (B)." Harvard Business School Supplement 611-034, October 2010. (Revised August 2012.)