Case | HBS Case Collection | October 2010 (Revised June 2014)

Volkswagen do Brasil: Driving Strategy with the Balanced Scorecard

by Robert S. Kaplan and Ricardo Reisen de Pinho


A new management team at VW do Brazil develops and deploys a strategy map and Balanced Scorecard to accomplish a turnaround and cultural change after eight consecutive years of financial losses and market share declines. The team uses the strategy map to align financial and project resources to the strategy, and to motivate its more than 20,000 employees by communicating the strategy in multiple ways and installing reward and recognition programs. It also establishes new programs to align the extensive networks of suppliers and dealers to the strategy. But after a sharp decline in sales triggered by the global financial crisis of 2008, the executive team faces a dilemma: should it cut back production levels and funding for strategic initiatives until sales recover, or should it continue to invest for the future?

Keywords: Business Cycles; Developing Countries and Economies; Management Teams; Leadership; Balanced Scorecard; Strategic Planning; Balance and Stability; Motivation and Incentives; Communication Strategy; Competitive Advantage; Auto Industry; Brazil; Germany;


Kaplan, Robert S., and Ricardo Reisen de Pinho. "Volkswagen do Brasil: Driving Strategy with the Balanced Scorecard." Harvard Business School Case 111-049, October 2010. (Revised June 2014.)