Case | HBS Case Collection | October 2010 (Revised July 2011)

Primedic—Providing Primary Care in Mexico

by Richard G. Hamermesh, Regina Garcia-Cuellar and Lauren Sarah Margulies


Primedic is a Mexican start-up that aims to deliver affordable primary and preventative healthcare to those at the base of the economic pyramid. The company is about to exhaust its first round of venture capital funding and the business model has yet to gain traction. How should the business model be changed and should the venture capitalists continue to fund the company?

Keywords: Business Model; Business Startups; Developing Countries and Economies; Social Entrepreneurship; Venture Capital; Health Care and Treatment; Social Enterprise; Health Industry; Mexico;


Hamermesh, Richard G., Regina Garcia-Cuellar, and Lauren Sarah Margulies. "Primedic—Providing Primary Care in Mexico." Harvard Business School Case 811-040, October 2010. (Revised July 2011.)