Supplement | HBS Case Collection | September 2010 (Revised November 2013)

Aspen Skiing Company (B)

by Michael W. Toffel and Stephanie van Sice


Having begun improving the environmental performance of its own operations, Aspen Skiing Company is considering "greening" its supply chain and lobbying for greenhouse gas regulations. A world renowned ski resort vulnerable to global climate change, Aspen's activities often garner media attention, which can promote its causes. But these initiatives, which attempt to compel other firms to improve their environmental performance, risk a public relations backlash and charges of "greenwashing" given that Aspen's ski resorts are themselves environmentally intensive operations.

Keywords: Environmental Sustainability; Supply Chain; Entertainment and Recreation Industry; Sports Industry; Aspen;


Toffel, Michael W., and Stephanie van Sice. "Aspen Skiing Company (B)." Harvard Business School Supplement 611-003, September 2010. (Revised November 2013.)