Case | HBS Case Collection | September 2010 (Revised November 2011)

Salud Digna: Successfully Competing with For-Profit Organizations

by Allen S. Grossman and Regina Garcia-Cuellar


Hugo Moreno, CEO of Salud Digna, was considering his growth options for the next three years. Would becoming a for-profit with access to greater capital be the best strategy or would this cause the organization to lose its social mission? Salud Digna provided diagnostic medical tests to the poor, had experienced rapid growth, and was financially self-sufficient. Moreno was determined that the organization be as well managed as any company in Mexico.

Keywords: For-Profit Firms; Health Testing and Trials; Growth and Development Strategy; Corporate Social Responsibility and Impact; Mission and Purpose; Nonprofit Organizations; Health Industry; Mexico;


Grossman, Allen S., and Regina Garcia-Cuellar. "Salud Digna: Successfully Competing with For-Profit Organizations." Harvard Business School Case 311-051, September 2010. (Revised November 2011.)