Supplement | HBS Case Collection | August 2010 (Revised December 2010)

Urban Water Partners (A) (CW)

by Karthik Ramanna and George Serafeim


The case explores a new venture to bring clean water to Tanzanians who otherwise cannot access or afford it. Management has enough money to get their company through August 2010, but needs more capital. An HBS alum is interested in investing in the company; consequently management needs to revisit their early assumptions, decide on the incentive structure for water vendors in Tanzania, and put together a pro-forma income statement, cashflow statement, and balance sheet in anticipation of their meeting with the potential investor.

Keywords: Human Needs; Accrual Accounting; Financial Statements; Health Industry; Utilities Industry; Dar es Salaam;


Ramanna, Karthik, and George Serafeim. "Urban Water Partners (A) (CW)." Harvard Business School Spreadsheet Supplement 111-701, August 2010. (Revised December 2010.)