Supplement | HBS Case Collection | August 2010 (Revised July 2011)

Erik Peterson at Biometra (E)

by John J. Gabarro, Thomas J. DeLong and Jevan Soo


Presents the final outcome of the events. The Richard Jenkins at SciMat case presents a description from the executive vice-president's point of view of the series of events as reported in the Erik Peterson at Biometra (A), (B), (C), and (D) cases. The Jenkins at SciMat case can be assigned with Erik Peterson at Biometra (E) to give a broader perspective on Peterson's behavior and problems. This case can be handed out during class discussion of the (D) case. A redisguised and updated version of earlier case 494-009.

Keywords: Decision Choices and Conditions; Leadership; Business or Company Management; Management Succession; Product Launch; Outcome or Result; Problems and Challenges; Behavior; Perspective;


Gabarro, John J., Thomas J. DeLong, and Jevan Soo. "Erik Peterson at Biometra (E)." Harvard Business School Supplement 411-035, August 2010. (Revised July 2011.)