Case | HBS Case Collection | July 2010 (Revised March 2016)

MacroMarkets LLC

by Robin Greenwood and Luis M. Viceira


MacroMarkets co-founder and CEO Samuel Masucci III is meeting with a strategic partner for his firm. Co-founded with Yale University Professor Robert Shiller, MacroMarkets' main innovation is the "MacroShare," which allows investors to take long or short, levered or unlevered, positions based on the value of any index. Both Shiller and Masucci are hopeful that MacroShares can help investors hedge all kinds of macroeconomic risks, including exposure to residential housing. The firm has ”battle-tested” two products—one linked to oil, and one linked to housing—with mixed success and is evaluating its strategy going forward. Specifically, Masucci wonders whether the MacroShare structure might come to replace the ETF as the predominant technology for index trading.

Keywords: Macroeconomics; Financial Instruments; Financial Markets; Investment Funds; Investment Portfolio; Innovation and Invention; Risk Management; Product Positioning; Demand and Consumers; Financial Services Industry;


Greenwood, Robin, and Luis M. Viceira. "MacroMarkets LLC." Harvard Business School Case 211-006, July 2010. (Revised March 2016.)