Background Note | HBS Case Collection | July 2010 (Revised September 2011)

Hiring Successful Professionals: One Process--Multiple Goals

by Heidi K. Gardner


The best hiring practices help professional firms attract successful employees, equip newcomers with critical support networks, increase the firm's diversity, and enhance its reputation. This Note delineates how leading firms manage these multiple objectives throughout the entire process of forecasting, sourcing, and onboarding top talent. It also expands on potential misalignments that can arise and tradeoffs firms face in building and executing an integrated hiring strategy.

Keywords: Integration; Goals and Objectives; Selection and Staffing; Talent and Talent Management; Management Practices and Processes; Forecasting and Prediction; Employees; Diversity Characteristics; Service Industry;


Gardner, Heidi K. "Hiring Successful Professionals: One Process--Multiple Goals." Harvard Business School Background Note 411-028, July 2010. (Revised September 2011.)