Case | HBS Case Collection | June 2010 (Revised February 2011)

The Fox Islands Wind Project (A)

by Joseph B. Lassiter III, James Thomas Corcoran, Max Gazor, Dylan Hogarty and Alexander H. Somers, Jr.


The market for electricity on the Fox Islands of North Haven and Vinalhaven, Maine is unique and costly for residents. Historically, electricity prices on the islands had been three times the national average because of the high cost of importing electricity via an underwater cable and maintaining the distribution network on the islands. George Baker, a professor at Harvard Business School, decided to lower the energy costs of the island's residents with wind power.

Keywords: Business Startups; Renewable Energy; Social Entrepreneurship; Cost; Financing and Loans; Projects; Business and Community Relations; Environmental Sustainability; Green Technology Industry; Maine;


Lassiter, Joseph B., III, James Thomas Corcoran, Max Gazor, Dylan Hogarty, and Alexander H. Somers, Jr. "The Fox Islands Wind Project (A)." Harvard Business School Case 810-129, June 2010. (Revised February 2011.)