Working Paper | 2010

Marketplace Institutions Related to the Timing of Transactions

by Alvin E. Roth


This paper describes the unraveling of transaction dates in several markets, including the labor markets for new lawyers hired by large law firms and for gastroenterology fellows, and the market for post-season college football bowls. Together these will illustrate that unraveling can occur in markets with competitive prices, that it can result in substantial inefficiencies, and that marketplace institutions play a role in restoring efficiency. I'll conclude with open questions about the role of marketplace institutions and the timing of transactions.

Keywords: Talent and Talent Management; Market Timing; Market Transactions; Marketplace Matching; Competitive Strategy;


Roth, Alvin E. "Marketplace Institutions Related to the Timing of Transactions." NBER Working Paper Series, No. 16556, November 2010.