Course Overview Note | June 2010 (Revised October 2010)

Building and Sustaining a Successful Enterprise

by Willy C. Shih


This Module Note for Instructors outlines the structure and content of the Building and Sustaining a Successful Enterprise MBA second year elective course at the Harvard Business School. The course focuses on giving students a solid grounding in the construction of business theory so that they may recognize well researched theories of causality as a basis for understanding why things happen the way that they do. The hope is that they will become not only discerning users of theory, but capable developers of their own theories as well. The note should be helpful to instructors who wish to teach about the theory of disruption and the challenges successful organizations face in responding to change, jobs-based segmentation, and other tenets of strategy formation and implementation.

Keywords: Business Startups; Business Growth and Maturation;


Shih, Willy C. "Building and Sustaining a Successful Enterprise." Harvard Business School Course Overview Note 610-099, June 2010. (Revised October 2010.)​