Article | Harvard Business Review | October 2010

Unleashing the Power of Marketing

by Beth Comstock, Ranjay Gulati and Stephen A Liguori


The article examines marketing management at General Electric Co. (GE). The transformation of the company's marketing department into an integral part of product development, product management, and strategic planning after years of relative neglect is considered. The role of Chief Executive Officer Jeff Immelt in initiating and overseeing that change is discussed. The creation of a new marketing strategy by the marketing department, one focused on the role of customer relations in product development, is considered. The creation of a set of basic principles and operating procedures for GE's marketing unit is discussed.

Keywords: Product Development; Product Marketing; Strategic Planning; Human Resources; Marketing Strategy; Customer Relationship Management; Marketing; Technology Platform; Advertising Industry; Technology Industry;


Comstock, Beth, Ranjay Gulati, and Stephen A Liguori. "Unleashing the Power of Marketing." Harvard Business Review 88, no. 10 (October 2010): 90–98.