Supplement | HBS Case Collection | June 2010

Chet Huber on OnStar, video

by Willy C. Shih


Chet Huber, general manager of GM's OnStar unit, givbes an update on how OnStar is doing, talks about the job OnStar does for consumers, and reflects on assembling the OnStar team. The video is organized into three chapters so that instructors may use then independently. This video is a supplement to "OnStar: Not Your Father's General Motors,: HBS Case No. 610-029.

Keywords: Product Positioning; Product Development; Service Delivery; Performance Evaluation; Groups and Teams; Auto Industry; Telecommunications Industry;


Shih, Willy C. "Chet Huber on OnStar, video." Harvard Business School Video Supplement 610-716, June 2010.