Case | HBS Case Collection | March 2010 (Revised April 2010)

Deworming Kenya: Translating Research into Action (A)

by Nava Ashraf, Neil Buddy Shah and Rachel Gordon


Karen Levy and her colleague, Margaret Ndanyi, have spent the last six months planning and preparing for a national Kenyan program to target school children most at risk for parasitic worm infection. One week after its launch, the program seemed to be going well but Ndanyi and Levy knew that it still needed to be administered in almost 40 districts at thousands of schools. They wondered: Would they meet their goal of deworming over three million school children before the end of the fiscal year on June 30, 2009? Would they be able to do it for less than $0.50 per child?

Keywords: Planning; Risk and Uncertainty; Mission and Purpose; Performance Efficiency; Programs; Problems and Challenges; Research; Policy; Health Care and Treatment; Management Practices and Processes; Kenya;


Ashraf, Nava, Neil Buddy Shah, and Rachel Gordon. "Deworming Kenya: Translating Research into Action (A)." Harvard Business School Case 910-001, March 2010. (Revised April 2010.) (Request a courtesy copy.)