Case | HBS Case Collection | March 2010 (Revised March 2014)

Roll Back Malaria and BCG: The Change Initiative

by Nava Ashraf, Rachel Gordon and Catherine Ross


Roll Back Malaria, a global partnership dedicated to fighting malaria has not met its founders' expectations of effectively combatting malaria. In 2005, after several internal evaluations, RBM leadership has decided to engage the Boston Consulting Group to work on a Change Initiative that when completed will enable RBM to address the eradication of malaria both more effectively and through larger scale efforts. However, the Initiative has become derailed after BCG's first major presentation to the RBM board. Will this end the Change Initiative prematurely?

Keywords: Health Care and Treatment; Management Practices and Processes; Performance Evaluation; Communication Strategy; Communication Intention and Meaning; Non-Governmental Organizations; Change Management; Multinational Firms and Management; Negotiation; Health Industry;


Ashraf, Nava, Rachel Gordon, and Catherine Ross. "Roll Back Malaria and BCG: The Change Initiative." Harvard Business School Case 910-023, March 2010. (Revised March 2014.) (Request a courtesy copy.)