Case | HBS Case Collection | March 2010 (Revised June 2010)

Whose Money Is It Anyway? (A)

by V.G. Narayanan, Richard G. Hamermesh and Rachel Gordon


The Brigham and Women's Physician's Organization (BWPO) and its corporate parent disagree over who has jurisdiction over significant legacy funds. Are they controlled by the BWPO or do they belong to BWPO's corporate parent? The BWPO and its corporate parent must negotiate who has control of the funds which impacts how the funds may be used.

Keywords: Accounting; Investment Funds; Governance Controls; Agreements and Arrangements; Boundaries; Health Industry;


Narayanan, V.G., Richard G. Hamermesh, and Rachel Gordon. "Whose Money Is It Anyway? (A)." Harvard Business School Case 810-008, March 2010. (Revised June 2010.)