Supplement | HBS Case Collection | February 2010 (Revised June 2014)

CityCenter (C): Turmoil and Choices

by John D. Macomber


"CityCenter (C)" follows the (A) and (B) cases chronologically. The (C) case explores the decisions facing MGM MIRAGE following a lawsuit by partner Dubai World and suspension of Dubai World's cash contributions to the project in early 2009. Issues include the discussion of activity by secured lenders and other involved financial actors, like Carl Icahn and James Packer, as well as MGM MIRAGE major stockholder Kirk Kerkorian. The firm considers various options and remedies with respect to the claim by Dubai World. "CityCenter (C)" can serve as an in-class handout to advance class discussion of the (A) and (B) cases to encompass events as they unfolded.

Keywords: Lawsuits and Litigation; Private Equity; Games, Gaming, and Gambling; Decisions; Partners and Partnerships; Conflict and Resolution; Entertainment and Recreation Industry; Nevada;


Macomber, John D. "CityCenter (C): Turmoil and Choices." Harvard Business School Supplement 210-066, February 2010. (Revised June 2014.)