Supplement | HBS Case Collection | February 2010 (Revised May 2010)

Bardhaman (B): Bengal Shrachi and the Township Design Decision

by John D. Macomber and Viraal Balsari


A real estate developer in West Bengal chooses between two master plans for a 260 acre new township considering design, financing, and phasing. Two detailed master plans are considered, one with a radial design and an internal town square and one with a grid design and internal focus on parks and water features. The designs have different revenue potential, different cost implications, and different phasing decisions. The analysis includes soft issues and aesthetic issues including what contributes to the feel of a place and what contributes to various land uses supporting each other (retail, residential, office). The analysis also includes a detailed proforma for each plan. This case builds on "Bardhaman (A): Shrachi and the West Bengal Housing Board."

Keywords: Urban Development; Construction; Design; Finance; Construction Industry; Real Estate Industry; West Bengal;


Macomber, John D., and Viraal Balsari. "Bardhaman (B): Bengal Shrachi and the Township Design Decision." Harvard Business School Supplement 210-063, February 2010. (Revised May 2010.)