Background Note | HBS Case Collection | January 2010 (Revised December 2011)

GUIDES: Insight through Indicators

by Matthew C. Weinzierl, Jonathan Schlefer and Ann Cullen


GUIDES is an easily remembered framework that can help the business leader and student to confidently and quickly identify, organize, and interpret a country's key economic indicators. Alternatively, it can help them to evaluate third-party analyses and to compare such analyses across countries. In either case, this framework provides a structured way to complete and communicate analysis of a country's economic data.

Keywords: Economy; Macroeconomics; Framework; Country; Performance Evaluation;


Weinzierl, Matthew C., Jonathan Schlefer, and Ann Cullen. "GUIDES: Insight through Indicators." Harvard Business School Background Note 710-044, January 2010. (Revised December 2011.)