Case | HBS Case Collection | January 2010

DR Corporation

by Roy D. Shapiro


DR Corporation is a manufacturer of major appliances. The traffic manager is facing a decision of selecting a carrier for the inbound movement of motors. The primary case decisions are 1) what factors are critical to the decision; 2) how to calculate the tradeoffs among transportation costs, inventory costs, and order costs; and 3) how the company's managers should coordinate to make the decision. Acts as a very effective introduction to total supply chain cost calculations and problems of internal coordination for supply chain decision making. Coupled with ChemBright, DR Corporation is a particularly effective way to introduce supply chain management.

Keywords: Cost vs Benefits; Decision Choices and Conditions; Managerial Roles; Logistics; Supply Chain Management; Truck Transportation; Consumer Products Industry;


Shapiro, Roy D. "DR Corporation." Harvard Business School Case 610-049, January 2010.