Compilation | January 2010 (Revised March 2010)

Firm Strategy Vignettes

by Josh Lerner, G. Felda Hardymon and Ann Leamon


These three vignettes present various issues around the strategy and management of a private equity firm. In one, a senior partner must decide how to manage an over-extended colleague and how to reduce the risk of the firm's portfolio; in the second, a limited partner must decide how to respond to tensions between general partners in a fund, and in the third, the general partners must decide whether to invest in an intriguing opportunity that lies outside the firm's carefully developed investment strategy.

Keywords: Outcome or Result; Business Strategy; Problems and Challenges; Private Equity; Venture Capital; Investment Portfolio; Partners and Partnerships;


Lerner, Josh, G. Felda Hardymon, and Ann Leamon. "Firm Strategy Vignettes." Harvard Business School Compilation 810-087, January 2010. (Revised March 2010.)