Working Paper | HBS Working Paper Series | 2010

Dynamically Integrating Knowledge in Teams: Transforming Resources into Performance

by Heidi K. Gardner, Francesca Gino and Bradley R. Staats


In knowledge-based environments, teams must develop a systematic approach to integrating knowledge resources throughout the course of projects in order to perform effectively. Yet, many teams fail to do so. Drawing on the resource-based view of the firm, we examine how teams can develop a knowledge-integration capability to dynamically integrate members' resources into higher performance. We distinguish among three sets of resources: relational, experiential, and structural, and propose that they differentially influence a team's knowledge-integration capability. We test our theoretical framework using data on knowledge workers in professional services, and discuss implications for research and practice.

Keywords: Interpersonal Communication; Knowledge Sharing; Knowledge Use and Leverage; Performance Effectiveness; Quality; Groups and Teams; Risk and Uncertainty; Familiarity;


Gardner, Heidi K., Francesca Gino, and Bradley R. Staats. "Dynamically Integrating Knowledge in Teams: Transforming Resources into Performance." Harvard Business School Working Paper, No. 11-009, July 2010. (Revised September 2011.)