Case | HBS Case Collection | December 2009 (Revised July 2013)

Iris Running Crane: December 2009

by Matthew Rhodes-Kropf, Josh Lerner and Ann Leamon


Iris Running Crane, an MBA candidate, must choose among three different job offers in private equity. One is with a top-tier megafund buyout operation; the second with a geographically focused mid-market fund; and the third with a one-time top-tier fund that is trying to reposition itself as a turnaround expert, starting with its own portfolio. Iris must consider the advantages and drawbacks of each position, and how each will help her achieve her personal goals.

Keywords: Decision Choices and Conditions; Private Equity; Compensation and Benefits; Job Offer; Personal Development and Career; Financial Services Industry;


Rhodes-Kropf, Matthew, Josh Lerner, and Ann Leamon. "Iris Running Crane: December 2009." Harvard Business School Case 810-073, December 2009. (Revised July 2013.)