Case | HBS Case Collection | November 2009

An Entrepreneur's Journey: Simi Nwogugu

by John A. Davis and Shirley Spence


This multimedia case follows Simi Nwogugu's life from childhood in Lagos, Nigeria to Mount Holyoke and Wall Street, back to Lagos to found a chapter of Junior Achievement, through marriage and HBS to motherhood and disenchantment with opportunities for mothers in the corporate world, to the founding and building of a business called 2Hats to address that issue. Her latest personal and business challenge, in September 2008, is an upcoming move back to Nigeria with her two young sons to accommodate her husband's career change. The case contains 32 videos with a total running time of 68 minutes and has a feature for printing screen text as desired. It is organized into seven chapters each consisting of a brief text introduction, video clips, exhibits (selectively) and discussion questions.

Keywords: Entrepreneurship; Corporate Entrepreneurship; Work-Life Balance; Customization and Personalization; Business Ventures; Nigeria; United States;


Davis, John A., and Shirley Spence. "An Entrepreneur's Journey: Simi Nwogugu." Harvard Business School Multimedia/Video Case 810-701, November 2009.