Case | HBS Case Collection | October 2009

Don Soderquist: Negotiating the Wal-Mart-P&G Relationship (A)

by James K. Sebenius and Ellen Knebel


This case describes the negotiations and strategic choices of Don Soderquist, who as Chief Operating Officer of Wal-Mart, helped to forge a major partnership with P&G in the 1980s and 1990s. The case chronicles the challenging barriers to success along with several of the moves that Soderquist and the Wal-Mart executive leadership team made in order to make the Wal-Mart- P&G relationship an extremely profitable supplier - retailer relationship.

Keywords: Negotiation Style; Partners and Partnerships; Leadership; Value Creation; Problems and Challenges; Management Teams; Retail Industry;


Sebenius, James K., and Ellen Knebel. "Don Soderquist: Negotiating the Wal-Mart-P&G Relationship (A)." Harvard Business School Case 910-004, October 2009.