Conference Presentation | Sep 2007 - 2007

Antecedents of Boundary Spanning in Cross-functional NPD Teams

by James R. Dillon, Shikhar Sarin and Amy C. Edmondson


Boundary spanning has been shown in prior research to enhance innovativeness and performance of product development teams. In this study, we examine team conditions that foster boundary spanning behavior. We analyze survey data from 207 members of 54 cross-functional product development teams in 5 high-tech companies to examine the effects of product characteristics, team composition, and context on boundary spanning. Results of hierarchical linear modeling (HLM) show that boundary-spanning behavior is greater when teams face more product complexity, when the team leader has positional power and an inclusive leadership style, and in organizational contexts that support cross-functional integration.

Keywords: Product Development; Innovation and Invention; Groups and Teams; Behavior; Performance Improvement; Boundaries; Leadership Style; Product; Complexity; Integration; Power and Influence;


Dillon, James R., Shikhar Sarin, and Amy C. Edmondson. "Antecedents of Boundary Spanning in Cross-functional NPD Teams." Paper presented at the Product Development and Management Association Annual Global Conference on Product Innovation Management, Orlando, FL, September 2007.