Case | HBS Case Collection | November 2009 (Revised April 2010)

Rose Smart Growth Investment Fund

by Arthur I Segel and Justin Seth Ginsburgh


The Jonathan Rose Companies must decide how to design and launch an innovative new real estate fund focused on green and transit oriented properties. JRC seeks to show through the fund that smart growth and green buildings provide superior economic returns to sprawl and environmentally damaging development. In order to launch the fund, JRC must decide on several important outstanding issues. What will be the fund's investment criteria? To whom should the fund be marketed? How should the fund be structured? What should be the fund's first investment?

Keywords: Property; Buildings and Facilities; Transition; Financing and Loans; Investment Funds; Investment; Marketing; Energy Conservation; Business Strategy; Growth and Development Strategy; Environmental Sustainability; Finance; Real Estate Industry;


Segel, Arthur I., and Justin Seth Ginsburgh. "Rose Smart Growth Investment Fund." Harvard Business School Case 210-033, November 2009. (Revised April 2010.)