Working Paper | 2009

Do Analysts Follow Managers Who Switch Companies? An Analysis of Relationships in the Capital Markets.

by Francois Brochet, Gregory S. Miller and Suraj Srinivasan


We examine the importance of professional relationships developed between analysts and managers by investigating analyst coverage decisions in the context of CEO and CFO moves between publicly listed firms. We find that top executive moves from an origin firm to a destination firm trigger analysts following the origin firm to initiate coverage of the destination firm in 10% of our sample, which is significantly higher than in a matched sample. Analyst-manager "co-migration" is significantly stronger when both firms are within the same industry. Analysts who move with managers to the destination firm exhibit more intense and accurate coverage of the origin firm than they do in other firms and compared to other analysts covering the origin firm. The advantage no longer holds after the executive's departure, and most of the analysts' advantage does not carry over to the destination firm. However, the analysts do increase the overall market capitalization of firms in their coverage portfolio. Our results hold after Regulation Fair Disclosure, suggesting that these relationships are not based on selective disclosure. Overall, the evidence shows both the importance and limitations of professional relationships in capital markets.

Keywords: Business and Stakeholder Relations; Capital Markets; Decisions; Managerial Roles; Financial Institutions; Investment; Market Participation; Public Ownership; Relationships;


Brochet, Francois, Gregory S. Miller, and Suraj Srinivasan. "Do Analysts Follow Managers Who Switch Companies? An Analysis of Relationships in the Capital Markets." American Accounting Association Financial Accounting and Reporting Section Paper, August 2009. (Forthcoming, The Accounting Review, March 2014.)