Case | HBS Case Collection | November 2009

VF Brands: Global Supply Chain Strategy

by Gary P. Pisano and Pamela Adams


This case examines VF Brands global supply chain strategy. Historically, VF has used a combination of in-house manufacturing and traditional arms-length sourcing arrangements. At the time of the case, the company is considering a third approach to supplier relations that involves much closer cooperation and partnerships. The goal of this "third way" approach is to create a sourcing relationship that combines some of the virtues of vertical integration with the flexibility of sourcing. Such arrangements are increasingly discussed in the operations literature and in practice. This case provides students an opportunity to do an in-depth analysis of such an arrangement and develop an understanding of the trade-offs involved.

Keywords: Global Strategy; Logistics; Supply Chain Management; Partners and Partnerships; Cooperation; Vertical Integration; Apparel and Accessories Industry;


Pisano, Gary P., and Pamela Adams. "VF Brands: Global Supply Chain Strategy." Harvard Business School Case 610-022, November 2009.