Case | HBS Case Collection | November 2009 (Revised May 2010)

Red Tomato: Keeping It Local

by Jose B. Alvarez, Mary Louise Shelman and Laura Winig


This case describes the operating model and history of Red Tomato, a non-profit organization dedicated to branding and logistical support for locally grown produce farmers in the northeast U.S. The case highlights the challenges involved in making locally grown produce available to large consumer markets.

Keywords: Agribusiness; Trends; Food; Local Range; Consumer Behavior; Logistics; Supply Chain; Nonprofit Organizations; Agriculture and Agribusiness Industry; Northeastern United States;


Alvarez, Jose B., Mary Louise Shelman, and Laura Winig. "Red Tomato: Keeping It Local." Harvard Business School Case 510-023, November 2009. (Revised May 2010.)