Case | HBS Case Collection | November 2009 (Revised March 2011)

New York Life and Immediate Annuities

by Julio J. Rotemberg and John T. Gourville


By positioning Immediate Annuities as "guaranteed lifetime income," New York Life has built itself a $1.4 billion per year business by 2009. However, to make Immediate Annuities a mainstream financial product for retirees, New York Life must understand why many retirees are reluctant to buy them and many agents are reluctant to sell them.

Keywords: Insurance; Personal Finance; Product Marketing; Consumer Behavior; Retirement; Salesforce Management; Insurance Industry;


Rotemberg, Julio J., and John T. Gourville. "New York Life and Immediate Annuities." Harvard Business School Case 510-040, November 2009. (Revised March 2011.)