Case | HBS Case Collection | October 2009 (Revised May 2011)

Stolt-Nielsen Transportation Group

by Lynn S. Paine and Lara Adamsons


Richard Wingfield considers whether to continue a cooperative agreement with industry peers in the deep-sea parcel tanker shipping industry. What are the economic and strategic implications of ending the agreement? What are the legal implications of continuing? Where is the line between cooperation and conspiracy, and what should a company do if the legality of a long-standing business practice comes into question?

Keywords: Lawfulness; Lawsuits and Litigation; Agreements and Arrangements; Alliances; Cooperation; Ship Transportation; Shipping Industry;


Paine, Lynn S., and Lara Adamsons. "Stolt-Nielsen Transportation Group." Harvard Business School Case 310-043, October 2009. (Revised May 2011.)