Case | HBS Case Collection | October 2009 (Revised July 2010)

Roshan: Light at the end of the tunnel in Afghanistan

by Herman B. Leonard and Qahir Dhanani


Roshan is a highly successful telecommunications company founded by the Aga Khan fund for economic development in Afghanistan during an ongoing civil conflict. Company leaders must now decide financial and market strategy for the next phase of development of the company. Should they sell the company—and reinvest the proceeds in another socially oriented venture? Continue to operate and expand the company? Expand to other neighboring countries?

Keywords: Developing Countries and Economies; Financial Strategy; Growth and Development Strategy; Marketing Strategy; Corporate Social Responsibility and Impact; War; Telecommunications Industry; Afghanistan;


Leonard, Herman B., and Qahir Dhanani. "Roshan: Light at the end of the tunnel in Afghanistan." Harvard Business School Case 310-041, October 2009. (Revised July 2010.)