Case | HBS Case Collection | September 2009 (Revised September 2010)

Avid Radiopharmaceuticals and Lighthouse Capital Partners

by Matthew Rhodes-Kropf and Ann Leamon


In fall 2008, a venture lender must decide whether to make a loan to Avid, a small but promising venture-backed life sciences firm. In reviewing her proposal, Cristy Barnes considers the company's characteristics and how they differ from a typical investment. At the same time, the CEO and the venture capitalist are exploring the true costs and benefits of taking the loan, particularly in the uncertain economic climate of the time.

Keywords: Business Startups; Decision Choices and Conditions; Financial Crisis; Venture Capital; Private Equity; Financing and Loans; Investment; Financial Services Industry; Health Industry;


Rhodes-Kropf, Matthew, and Ann Leamon. "Avid Radiopharmaceuticals and Lighthouse Capital Partners." Harvard Business School Case 810-054, September 2009. (Revised September 2010.)