Supplement | HBS Case Collection | September 2009

One South: Investing in Emerging Markets (B)

by Nicolas P. Retsinas and Justin Seth Ginsburgh


A United States private equity fund, The Saboput Group, must decide whether to invest in a new technology park development in Chennai, India. The B case provides the reader with due diligence observations, which reveal numerous potential problems with the investment. The reader must decide whether the The Saboput Group should go through with the investment.

Keywords: Decisions; Private Equity; Investment; Foreign Direct Investment; Markets; Emerging Markets; Problems and Challenges; Partners and Partnerships; Valuation; Real Estate Industry; Chennai; United States;


Retsinas, Nicolas P., and Justin Seth Ginsburgh. "One South: Investing in Emerging Markets (B)." Harvard Business School Supplement 210-027, September 2009.