Case | HBS Case Collection | September 2009 (Revised December 2010)

Western Union: Our World, Our Family®

by Christopher Marquis


In 2006, Western Union spun-off from its former parent, First Data Corporation, and began the process of defining itself as a stand-alone organization. Part of that effort was the creation of a strategic corporate social responsibility program called Our World, Our Family. The case tracks Western Union's earlier CSR initiatives and how they resulted in the creation Our World, Our Family. Key elements of the case focus on understanding the Western Union business model focused on financial remittances, and how its corporate citizenship efforts bring value to the company by satisfying the diverse needs of Western Union's stakeholders.

Keywords: Business Model; Corporate Social Responsibility and Impact; Programs; Business and Stakeholder Relations; Alignment; Value;


Marquis, Christopher. "Western Union: Our World, Our Family®." Harvard Business School Case 410-050, September 2009. (Revised December 2010.)