Case | HBS Case Collection | August 2009

SK Telecom: Pursuing Happiness through Corporate Social Responsibility

by Christopher Marquis, Kwang Y. Ryu, Philip H. Mirvis and Bobbi Thomason


Since 2006, SK Telecom has worked to develop strategic corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs that are aligned with its business operations and corporate mission. The case tracks the original assessment process the company went through and successive organizational design efforts to align its CSR strategy and implementation architecture. In 2009, the company is going through reorganization, and the protagonist is considering how well the existing structure of SK Telecom's CSR efforts supports its strategy. The key dilemma he is faced with is whether to change the design of the CSR organization, or perhaps revise the CSR strategy to better match the existing organizational architecture.

Keywords: Corporate Social Responsibility and Impact; Organizational Change and Adaptation; Organizational Design; Organizational Structure; Corporate Strategy; Telecommunications Industry; South Korea;


Marquis, Christopher, Kwang Y. Ryu, Philip H. Mirvis, and Bobbi Thomason. "SK Telecom: Pursuing Happiness through Corporate Social Responsibility." Harvard Business School Case 410-042, August 2009.