Supplement | HBS Case Collection | April 2009

Supply Chain Optimization at Hugo Boss (B) - The M-Ratio

by Ananth Raman, Nicole DeHoratius and Zahra Kanji


We evaluate the impact of a supply chain pilot implemented at Hugo Boss. This pilot entailed altering the way in which Hugo Boss orders from its suppliers. We explore the challenge of assessing the impact of supply chain change, the link between operational performance and firm performance, and the relationship between sales, inventory, and product availability.

Keywords: Supply Chain; Performance Evaluation; Problems and Challenges; Sales; Change; Valuation; Consumer Products Industry;


Raman, Ananth, Nicole DeHoratius, and Zahra Kanji. "Supply Chain Optimization at Hugo Boss (B) - The M-Ratio." Harvard Business School Supplement 609-055, April 2009.