Case | HBS Case Collection | March 2009 (Revised October 2010)

Tokyo AFM

by Francois Brochet


This case was written as the financial accounting portion of the final exam for a first-year MBA course at Harvard Business School. The goal was to test students' ability to apply major concepts taught during the course to an industry which they had not covered, but which shared similarities in terms of economics with issues addressed in the curriculum. The company, Tokyo Auto Fire & Marine (hereafter Tokyo AFM), is a fictitious insurance company based in Japan. The new CEO is revisiting the accounting choices of his predecessors in light of changes in the economic environment of the firm. The case can also be taught as a review session.

Keywords: Accounting; Decision Choices and Conditions; Economics; Insurance; Insurance Industry; Japan;


Brochet, Francois. "Tokyo AFM." Harvard Business School Case 109-056, March 2009. (Revised October 2010.)