Case | HBS Case Collection | March 2009 (Revised June 2011)

The Guardian: Transition to the Online World

by David J. Collis, Peter W. Olson and Mary Furey


The Guardian had been an early innovator in online newspapers and had not only become the leading U.K. newspaper web site, but was making strides with audiences outside of the U.K. However, The Guardian had been losing money since 2000, and, in spite of the relative success of the website, online revenue remained less than 20% of the newspaper's total revenue. What changes would The Guardian have to make to sustain its mission of being "the world's leading liberal voice in perpetuity?"

Keywords: Business Model; Revenue; Newspapers; Organizational Change and Adaptation; Risk and Uncertainty; Business Strategy; Online Technology; Journalism and News Industry; Publishing Industry; United Kingdom;


Collis, David J., Peter W. Olson, and Mary Furey. "The Guardian: Transition to the Online World." Harvard Business School Case 709-464, March 2009. (Revised June 2011.)