Other Teaching and Training Material | 2009

Personal Rapid Transport at Vectus, Inc.

by Benjamin Edelman


PRT vehicles—often called "driverless taxis"—sought to combine the best characteristics of cars, taxis, and trains, while adding features unavailable in any existing transportation system. Like cars and taxis, PRT vehicles carried small groups—often just a single passenger—with no need to wait for a shared vehicle to arrive or for others to board. Yet PRT followed train systems in using an exclusive right of way that avoided delays from other traffic. Where would such systems be most useful? Could system designers successfully compete with well-established networks of trains, buses, cars, and roads?

Keywords: Competitive Strategy; Corporate Strategy; Entrepreneurship; Network Effects; Transportation Networks; Transportation Industry;


Edelman, Benjamin. "Personal Rapid Transport at Vectus, Inc." 2009. (Featured in Working Knowledge: Can Entrepreneurs Drive People Movers to Success?)